Scorpio Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

Scorpio Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

Dear Scorpio, you are in the midst of an "interesting" astrological phase. After some trials and hardships experienced in the month of February (which in most cases involved work, money and family responsibilities), with the Sun and Mercury in your favor you can now count on a less tense and harsh sky.

However, we need to shake off the "hard work" of February and act. Especially in work, it is time to clarify some situations with bosses or contacts before the opposition of Mars makes dialogue and negotiations more difficult in the second half of March. What hasn't been “given” to you in the last few weeks is now possible to get. Anyone who has recently carried out an unsuccessful negotiation now – thanks to the typical determination of the sign, but also to a re-negotiation of certain conditions – manages to conclude a good agreement. Interesting movements around Monday 27, news and "beginnings" for freelancers. We are not yet in your "ideal world", we are not yet in the life you would like: there are still too many addictions, professional responsibilities (sometimes not adequately rewarded) and for some, too much desire to do "alone". But as you well know, Jupiter will be in your sign from the end of this year: that will be your entrance ticket to your "ideal world"! Indeed, a whole series of "adjustments", attempts and compromises of this first half of the year will appear to you for what they really are: the steps of a child who, crawling, learns to govern his own legs and to go exactly where he wishes. Among other things, in autumn (between about October and December) for someone there is an important deadline and an equally important new beginning, perhaps a contract to be renewed or a choice to change. If you can, plan initiatives, changes and requests right now. Friday 3 is another useful day to clarify a work situation, perhaps due to a too many word flown between you and a colleague or collaborator.

Just as in work, even in love you can "recontract" and "patch up" some tears with your partner. In some cases, the cause of the quarrels was not so much about feelings as a difficult management of the couple's ménage and some family responsibilities. The climate improves, and in many cases we can speak of a real flashback. And who knows that in these days, with the Sun in a fertile position, someone decides to bury the hatchet by planning a baby. There are many couples who were waiting for the right opportunity, even for a second child: here it is! Promising period also for singles, who especially on Monday 27 and Friday 3 can expect an intriguing encounter/clash. Difficult to understand how it will go ... but considering that soon Mars will enter opposition, I imagine it could be an overwhelming passion and "little fight" but with excellent prospects of becoming important over time. In short, the stars are there and they are the right ones, the rest is goodwill and a pinch of luck. Good hunting! PS. If you've been waiting for that guy who appears and disappears according to the seasons, then maybe it's time to seize this beautiful stream with something new. Courage, you can look elsewhere!

Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

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