Scorpio Weekly horoscope (December 18-25)

Scorpio Weekly horoscope (December 18-25)

In the third week of December, you will not have to work for wear and tear, staying at your workplace for a long time.

Try to stick to your plan to avoid running out of energy. Physical exertion and stress can both cause sleep disturbances. Don't take office problems personally; instead, view life through the lens of positive thinking.

You will be able to complete this task if you set a goal of accumulating a certain amount in the first days of the week. The Sun in Sagittarius provides perseverance in achieving goals. If you are tempted to spend money, the Scorpio weekly horoscope suggests that you stick to your budget. In the near future, serious expenses will come, savings will come in handy.

Scorpios will lose some of their fighting zeal by the middle of the week. Under the influence of Mercury in the sign of Capricorn, the imagination is dulled. Fight the circumstances, even if you don't want to, and do what you love anyway. You are already filled with inspiration as soon as you begin. Start a family business if you can introduce your loved ones to your hobby.

Don't resist the call to try something new at the end of the week. Under the Moon in the sign of Capricorn people feel alone and abandoned. Scorpio's weekly horoscope states that you must always strive for perfection. Do not succumb to sadness; instead, begin learning a foreign language so that you can advance in your career.

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