Show by the Jonas Brothers at the halftime match Cowboys vs Giants

Show by the Jonas Brothers at the halftime match Cowboys vs Giants

It appears that the Jonas Brothers will perform at the Dallas Cowboys' Thanksgiving break game before "Year 3000." On Tuesday, Oct. 25, the band teased the announcement on social media with a photo of three Cowboys uniforms with the numbers 11, 24, and 22. (Thanksgiving date this year).

The Jonas Brothers said in a statement, "We couldn't be more excited to return to AT&T Stadium and perform the Salvation Army halftime show." «We are honored that our performance will help raise awareness of the great need that exists and encourage everyone to donate to the Salvation Army during the holiday season and throughout the year».

«The Jonas Brothers' passion and generous spirit are exactly what we need to shine a light on the challenges that so many millions of people face this year,» said Charlotte Jones, executive vice president, chief brand officer for the Cowboys and former National Advisor to the Salvation Army Board.

The Cowboys' intermission performance during the Thanksgiving game is a tradition that encourages fans to donate to the Salvation Army's red kettle campaign. Joe Jonas appeared in a public service announcement earlier this year for Don't Mess With Texas, a TxDOT program designed to remind Texans that trash belongs in trash cans, not on the street.

The singer takes an outlandish approach to cleaning up Texas streets, inspiring an entire office to join him in the effort.

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