Social and sexual interactions Everything you should know

Social and sexual interactions Everything you should know

The sexual and psychological realms are increasingly migrating online. There are dating applications, social networking sites, and sexting. The virtual world makes you feel safer and more liberated, but are we aware of the dangers?

Perhaps contact, caresses, and cuddles will be left to us nostalgic and romantic boomers. Today, the sexual sphere is increasingly concerned with the virtual world and new technologies. Relationships, getting to know each other, as well as affection and eroticism, have taken on a new shape, moving away from fleeting glances, slow seduction, discovery, and long waiting. Being constantly online and conducting a partner search on the internet has become the norm. Without denying or dismissing the phenomenon, let us try to better understand what it is and the dangers it poses.

Do we live in a swipe society?

Never before have people, young and old, searched the web for moments and spaces for contact, knowledge, and exchange, including sexual exchange. Someone mentions swipe society, which is a society in which you only know each other by sliding your finger across the screen of your smartphone. Yes, because knowledge is gained via phone and tablet, and there is no need to download specific apps (such as Tinder, Meetic, Lovoo, Badoo, OkCupid, Facebook Dating, Grindr, GayRomeo, Wapa, Her, Bumble, and there is something for everyone), because private messaging on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is sufficient.
Courtship then becomes a light, pleasant, and enjoyable time to be had anywhere and at any time, even with multiple people.

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