Taurus Horoscope : weekly (06-12 february) predictions

Taurus Horoscope : weekly (06-12 february) predictions

We have to get to the heart of things, dear Taurus. The time has come not to get lost in a thousand paths, possibilities, but to narrow the field by focusing on something in particular.

For the next two weeks, Mercury's out of tuneness may make life's melody less than sweet. Starting with business matters. Maybe you're a little worried about the news, a little intolerant of a project that's struggling to take off, or you're thinking about "one hundred" but can't put "one" into port.

As I previously stated, during this time, we must get to the heart of the matter without becoming entangled in the mental mazes of anxieties or insecurities. You may find yourself discussing the economics of an assignment or project around Friday the 10th.

Work-related thoughts do not always allow you to give your heart the attention it deserves. Lonely hearts, in general, have other personal priorities during this time, and they resist letting go of new encounters or cultivating recent acquaintances. Whoever is in a relationship has nothing to fear. With such a "confused" sky, those who sense a distance or, worse, disinterest from their partner may be tempted to seek solace elsewhere. The highest tensions may occur around Thursday, September 9. For the "sometimes they come back" series: there are ex-lovers who never leave your life or mind... read on!


Horoscope : weekly  (06-12 february) predictions 

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