Taurus Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

Taurus Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

You have had to reconsider many certainties in recent years after losing many solid arguments.

Since your sign is known for preferring to play it safe and prefers the security of well-traveled routes to the risk of a novelty, the entire process served to encourage you to look in many ways. It frequently entails examining talents and facets of oneself that haven't been sufficiently explored, but it can also entail exploring in new directions or toward alternative working environments.

This week, especially between the 19th and 20th, can be crucial in the workplace for putting yourself to the test or facing a "verification," a test of your capacity to meet new challenges.It's crucial that you refrain from engaging in conversation; go ahead! And proceed with caution in some heart-related decisions, especially if doing so requires dissolving some "fixed" beliefs that prevent some relationships from moving further. There is a need to cast a wider net in this situation as well. The greatest solution is always talking to your partner, but if your heart is split in two, wait to make decisions until at least mid-May. You will quickly realize whose side you are on and what your true desires are.


Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

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