Taurus Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Taurus Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Let's start right away with the good news: Your sky is lightening up! The Sun leaves behind the quadrature that has slowed down and darkened you in recent weeks, and lights up a sky that "speaks" of wider horizons, of the future, even if many "questions" of life that you have asked yourself in recent weeks still they have no answer.

This could be the (non) conclusion you've come to lately. And maybe it's not the time to look for answers, but simply to experience events as they come. This is what is happening at work: thinking about what will be, rather than what has been, is the winning key to riding this moment. Some born of the sign are dedicating themselves to new "paths", or to new assignments or tasks. Some freelancers may feel like they are taking a step back, going back to basics, but the reality is that – consciously or not – they are making decisive steps forward. This is an interesting week for business affairs: between Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd of important proposals or news that look to the future. Or, simply, they are good days to let your current projects take a leap forward. Some changes in the company, poorly digested, can be addressed with legal action. This is the last week in which it is necessary to be thrifty with money, or to accept some small compromises if there is a delay with a payment: starting next month, the good aspect of Mercury reinvigorates finances and brings solutions.

It's not easy to talk heartily these days. Not because you love yourself less, but just because other priorities (work first of all) catch your attention. Some projects or talks with your partner may be left on hold at the moment. Time to take a "break" especially if it concerns long-standing issues or difficulties that have not been overcome. You are more centered on yourself: in this period, feeling good is a concept that first of all starts from you. For this reason, those who have been dating for some time who have not taken off are not upset: one step at a time, the rest will be seen. Attention during the week to the discussions that arose for economic issues: around Friday 24 some controversy could arise with the partner, perhaps for an expense that does not see both on the same wavelength. For singles, the heart slowly recovers after a few small (or big) disappointments experienced between December and January. You are not yet at full energy, but having an "other" thought, a warm friendship can help you recover.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

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