Taurus Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

Taurus Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

The week opens under the positive influence of the New Moon from the friendly sign of Pisces, which has the power to show you things in a new perspective and restore clarity to your life goals. Even if, between work and love, some goals are not yet fully defined, from here on it becomes easier to chart a course, define an action strategy and follow it.

Never more than anything else this New Moon allows you to widen the circle of professional friendships: in the coming weeks, meeting new people represents an important resource to get where you have never gone so far and to open "doors" that you have found closed in the past . It is no coincidence that in the last two months someone - especially among freelancers - has turned into a new environment, sector, project. And as in any self-respecting new professional world, it is now important to "get to know" the right people, study the rules, put yourself to the test and make yourself known. In previous horoscopes I have often spoken of novelties: I would say that whoever is venturing into a new path could have a truly remarkable margin of professional growth ahead of him! Around Wednesday 1 there could be a change in the program, a small change (even requested by your boss or a contact person) which could make you nervous. Take a deep breath and don't lose sight of your goals, even if there are occasional hitches. Instead, Friday the 3rd, with the Moon in your sign, can be really positive, interesting for closing a good deal or getting confirmation.

In love, Mercury again in favor ushers in a more beautiful and positive sky. During the week, Thursday 2 and Friday 3 can hold a surprise for lonely hearts, even if these stars define new or recent acquaintances as more friendly than amorous. Gatta is hatching here, and you will notice it better in the coming weeks when Mars enters the sign and will give greater impetus to the heart and to eros. This same "call" will also affect those who are already engaged or married: someone - perhaps out of boredom or in a crisis for some time - could cultivate (or continue) an affectionate friendship. Small regurgitations from the past around Wednesday 1 for those who have recently suffered from a separation or have had a disappointment in love: it is normal to live with it, but at this point I would say to put the suffering behind you and look forward. Also because outside, trust me, there is a world waiting for you.

Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

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