Taurus Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Taurus Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

The presence of Mars in the sign begins to make itself felt, not only as fuel that fuels grit and determination, but also as a litmus test that shows "what's wrong", and in some cases even as an "amplifier of complaints".

What better moment, then, to refocus your attention through meditation and organize your life? You need "A calm place," as the Brits would say. Coincidentally, Spotify is also playing a song by Peter Sandberg while I'm composing your horoscope. Call it chance or synchronicity, but I think "a calm location" is exactly what you need right now, symbolically speaking.

The New Moon in your twelfth house invites you to take care of yourself, to rediscover a minimum of recollection, that "inner silence" which is needed to recover energy but also to generate a new thought. This of course applies in all areas of life. Let's start from the affections, and therefore also from the psyche. There are hearts that experience a phase of "suspension" and uncertainty. I am referring to those who at this moment "doubt" the person next to them, or turn their thoughts to a love far from their life, to an ex or to someone who is difficult to "have". You have to give your heart the opportunity to restart, and you can only do it by putting your hands to the bottom of your insecurities, your jealousies, the obstacles that prevent you from being fully happy. It's time to go to the essence of what you are looking for and want, to understand if it is still the case to think about him or her, to remove the complexities in the heart. “Remove the complexities” dear old Peter Sandberg would say, who seems to be your favorite composer this week: now look for him and listen to him! Illuminating the days of the New Moon around Tuesday 28, when you may feel a strong desire for freedom and evasion of some responsibilities. Talking about this phase of your life with a friend or whoever you deem suitable can certainly help. So far, naturally, I have dedicated myself to those born under the sign who experience a moment of emotional doubts or inner tension. Then, of course, there are also Bulls who live a full and secure love and who have no doubts, but who probably need to be more with themselves in this period or to think more about some choices to make at work. The Moon in your sign is beautiful between Thursday 30 and Friday 31 to love, to seize a moment of intimacy with your partner, or to have a pleasant meeting.

Even at work, a little "recollection" is needed, in some cases to reflect on the next steps, in others to concentrate in view of the imminent delivery or revision of a project, or the launch of a new business. Many are working to ensure a better future, even if this means keeping a foot in two brackets, between the past and the future, between an old job that is not very fruitful or unsatisfactory, and something new that currently gravitates towards uncertainty. Wearing a new look isn't easy, but if you're betting on a "novelty", you can only be proud of yourself. From Friday 31 Mercury enters the sign bringing more money movements and new good opportunities for those looking for a job. I am thinking, for example, of freelancers or those who have an independent business: this is a good time to receive an expected payment or a new proposal/opportunity to earn more. The new awareness I was talking about last week, linked to possible changes or requests to be forwarded in the company, from this week can become a new line of action to be studied and planned thanks also to the support of a professional or collaborator. It's no longer time for nervousness and rhetoric: you have to make room for a new concreteness.


Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

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