The jellyfish haircut is the most fashionable way to wear bi-level layers.

The jellyfish haircut is the most fashionable way to wear bi-level layers.

Show off a unique and daring hairstyle with the perfect jellyfish haircut! Learn how to create this look at home and make a style statement.


Give your hair a radical transformation with the eye-catching jellyfish haircut! This voluminous look is achieved using scissors, a razor and plenty of product. Learn how to create this unique style from home and make sure you turn heads wherever you go!

The jellyfish, inspired by the historical Japanese "hime cut," is the next evolution of experimental shags.

Gather the Required Supplies.

You'll need a few items to complete this look. Begin with a razor, scissors, and all of the styling products required for your hair type, such as volumizing mousse or sprays. Collect some barrettes, bobby pins, and clips for managing small sections of hair. Finally, make sure you have a comb and a mirror on hand to check the results of your work.

Animal-inspired hairstyles are popular this year and range from butterfly layers to wolf and octopus cuts. The jellyfish haircut, which is a variation on a thickly layered shag like its other zoologically called brethren, is now a trend.

Section off the hair and begin.

Start by using a comb or clips to divide the top of your head into sections. It is crucial to do this initially because it will be useful to you later. Part your hair into four quadrants, two in the front and two in the back, after that. To achieve a uniform jellyfish shape, make sure that all of the components are the same size. To prevent any messes, clip together each segment.

The jellyfish haircut is presently popular on TikTok and has received over 1 billion app views. Despite this, the fashion is truly nothing new: The "hime" (or princess) cut, which was created in Japan during the Heian era, served as its model. The hime is bi-level, with blunt, bob-length fringe in the front and long tendrils in the rear, just like the newly named jellyfish.

For more hold and shine, use gel.

Once you have parted and secured your hair into the jellyfish shape, it's time to apply some gel. Gel will help lock in the shape of the jellyfish and give it a perfect finish. Start by adding generous amounts of gel all around the edges and sides, then brush your fingers through each section to evenly distribute the product. Finish off by using hairspray to get extra hold if necessary.

The top section of hair should be bunned and secured with rubber bands.

To create the perfect jellyfish shape, start by combing your hair so it lies flat. Then gather the top part of your hair and tie it into a high bun using rubber bands. Wrap the rubber bands around multiple times to ensure that all of your hair is secure in the bun. You can make this bun as small or large as you want to suit your style.

Form jellyfish tentacles from the bottom section by ponytailing it.

After securing the bun, tie off the bottom section of your hair into a ponytail. Begin loosely braiding the ends to achieve an Instagram-worthy jellyfish effect. Secure it with an elastic band and then wind it around the rubber bands of your bun multiple times. Finally, separate the strands that make up your ‘tentacles’ to get some fun volume and soften the look. Now you have a unique and statement making hairstyle that won’t soon be forgotten!

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