Exploring the Social Impact of Greta Thunberg's Message

Exploring the Social Impact of Greta Thunberg's Message

Greta Thunberghas inspired millions around the world to take action against climate change. Her powerful speeches have made headlines worldwide.

Exploring the Social Impact of Greta Thunberg's Message

Greta Thunberg has been called "the most important teenager in history." She was born on August 28th, 1997, and she's now 16 years old. She's an activist for environmental causes, and she's become famous for her speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in September 2018.

Here’s how Greta Thunberg  did it.

In March 2019, Thunberg began speaking out about climate change by skipping school every Friday to protest outside Sweden’s parliament building. She started with one day, then two days, and eventually became a regular fixture at the protests. She also spoke at the UN Climate Summit in New York City in September 2018.

In her speech, she said, "I am going to school every day because if we want change, then we have to be here, We are facing a climate emergency. If we keep going like this, there won't be anything left for us as children to live in. We have to change politics, we have to change society, we have to change economics, we have to change technology, we have to change education, culture, media, art, music, sports, science, nature, everything" she said, "I want you to panic," and then she went on to explain why we should be panicking. She explained that climate change is happening right now, and that it's our fault. She told us that if we keep going the way we're going, there won't be anything left to save. And she gave us some advice: "If you really love life, protect life... I am sad and ashamed to say that we are currently experiencing the greatest ecological crisis humanity has ever faced. We are causing climate change, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification, deforestation, extinction, pollution, fresh water scarcity, soil erosion, desertification, hunger, poverty, war, migration, human rights violations, and the list goes on. The world is waking up. And still, our leaders fail to act."Her words inspired many people around the world, and she became a global icon. then we have to change everything. 

Her speech was powerful, and it inspired many people around the world. In fact, it inspired me to write this article. When I first heard about Greta Thunberg, I thought she was just another kid who had a big mouth. But then I started reading about her, and I realized that she's much more than that. She's a leader, and she's inspiring other kids to take action against climate change.

Greta Thunberg  started with a personal story.

Thunberg has been very open about her own struggles with anxiety and depression. “I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome when I was 12 years old,” she said during an interview with TIME magazine. “It’s a form of autism. It means that I find social situations difficult. I struggle with reading other people’s emotions. I struggle with understanding what others think.”

In her speech, she said, "I am sad and disappointed that we are facing a world where our children's futures are threatened by climate change. We are failing them. Yet still some people choose to remain silent. And worse than that, there are those who would stand in the way of progress. The fossil fuel industry seems to be unstoppable. Even if every country were to immediately stop using coal, oil and gas tomorrow, the planet would keep warming because these fuels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which stays there for hundreds of years. If we burn all known fossil fuels, the average temperature rise could reach 10 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. That means millions of people will suffer from floods, droughts and storms. Entire ecosystems will collapse. Our house will be destroyed. There won't be anything left to live on. No cities, no infrastructure, no life. Only nature. That is what we are heading towards. We must act now!"

In September 2018, she gave a speech at the UN climate change conference in New York City. Her speech was titled 'Fridays for Future', and it went viral. The speech was powerful because she spoke from the perspective of a child who had seen firsthand what climate change could mean for future generations. 

Greta Thunberg  used facts and figures to make her case.

In September 2018, Thunberg began skipping school every Friday to protest outside Sweden’s parliament building. She told TIME that she had been feeling depressed since she was 11 years old. “I started having panic attacks at age 13,” she said. “I felt so alone. I didn’t understand why no one else seemed to care about the climate crisis.”

Greta Thunberg was authentic and relatable.

Thunberg has become an international icon for young people who want to see real change happen. She has inspired thousands of students across the globe to join her Fridays for Future movement, which encourages children to skip school to protest climate change.

Greta Thunberg  had a clear message.

In September 2018, she addressed the United Nations General Assembly with a speech that went viral. “I am doing this because I love my planet so much,” she said. “And I will do everything I can to make sure we leave it in a better state than we found it.”

Greta Thunbergha- Fridays for future
Greta Thunbergha- Fridays for future
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