The Recruitment and Selection Process of HR

The Recruitment and Selection Process of HR

Though the recruitment and selection process of human resources has changed and evolved over time, the raison d'être has always been to successfully and timely satisfy the various needs of an organization.

For example, size, location, and industry of the company. These factors could directly affect hiring not only in wages, but also with regard to other factors such as demographics and more. Furthermore, there are various recruitment methods that are used during different phases of the process. However these methods may vary according to the situation we are having for example for advertising an internal shift or an external move we will use different recruitment sources

Information Sources and Methods

This paper would like to discuss the recruitment process of human resource. In this process, every company should complete some basic steps, such as identifying each potential employee's unique qualities, skill evaluation and assessment.

The recruitment process generally includes three parts: pre-candidate intake, candidate screening and evaluation. Candidates can be screened by asking them to complete a written interview in which they need to tell the employers their previous context that they’re working or researching, why they think they are suitable for this position and what goals they want to achieve in their work. With respect to hiring law, each company must ensure that their new employer is qualified objectively with due consideration of her credentials and working experience.

Employment procedures to hire new staff are a significant burden for industry and take up much of HR professionals' time. From the start of an advertisement to the point at which HR professionals make an offer letter, it has been found that there are typically 26 steps. A number of internal emails or phone calls would occur as these steps were being completed too.

The recruitment process is solved by means of a labor outsourcing solution, wherein recruitment agencies sift through resumes and screen interviewed candidates on behalf of big corporations with huge headhunting departments.

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