This is how Need For Speed Unbound's radical artistic style came to be.

This is how Need For Speed Unbound's radical artistic style came to be.

The animations of the "living graffiti" make more sense when you have the controller in your hands, according to the game's creative director.

Need for Speed Unbound will be launched in its totality on Friday, and it is carrying a lot of weight. Whilst also we at Jalopnik are still getting to know the street racing game - and will have our thoughts up later this week - we did have the opportunity to speak briefly with Kieran Crimmings, the game's creative director, about how Unbound came to be.

He won't blame you if you're not impressed with the art style of the gameplay footage alone. “ We had a bunch of graffiti that we were thinking about releasing into the world and other such things. We were working with Jc Rivera and some of our artists, and their work was on display, while we rebuilt the physics and handling systems with current generation consoles in mind. We had a lot more power with those consoles, so we were thinking about completely redoing it.

Some of the new gameplay mechanics, such as Unbound's nitrous burst system, were not as user-friendly as they could have been. Criterion attempted to repurpose art as a visual aid, which completely changed the kinesthetics of the experience, according to Crimmings. " It was difficult for us to provide people with feedback about state changes.

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