UN, in September 2023 new climate summit

UN, in September 2023 new climate summit

The Un Secretary General stated his determination to make 2023 "a year of peace," under the banner of action, emphasizing the importance of finding concrete solutions to the problems afflicting various regions of the world.

A few days before the end of 2022 and the start of the new year, UN Secretary General António Guterres announced an extraordinary climate summit for next September, which he requests to be prepared «without games, without exceptions, and without compromises». The summit, according to Guterres, will challenge government and business leaders to propose "new, tangible, and credible climate actions to accelerate the pace of change" and address the "existential threat" of the climate crisis.

«We owe it to the people: we must find solutions, respond, and act,» he said. In reference to the need not to exceed the famous Paris Agreement threshold of one and a half degrees Celsius, he stated: «We are continuing to advance in the wrong direction. The 1.5 degree target remains elusive.» And "good news is hard to come by" in this case.

The invitation is extended not only to UN members, but also to local authorities and civil society representatives.

«However, in order to participate, the rules are non-negotiable: credible, serious, and novel proposals must be presented. Solutions centered on environmental protection and that move us forward in the fight against the climate crisis,» warned Guterres.

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