Unlock the Magic of Hogwarts with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Unlock the Magic of Hogwarts with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

With Hogwarts Mystery, enter the magical world of Harry Potter. When you accompany Harry on his quest to become a proficient wizard, learn what it's like to be a member of the Wizarding World and discover its treasures.

Begin your journey as a student at Hogwarts.

Discover the mysteries of the Wizarding World as a student at Hogwarts and start your magical journey. Explore places like Diagon Alley and learn magic from strong sorcerers. Discover ancient magic spells and make magical concoctions while interacting with a variety of intriguing people. Discover the most sought-after secrets in the world by putting your talents to the test on puzzles, missions, and hidden objects!

Earn rewards for completing tasks and take on various magical classes.

As a Hogwarts student, you will earn rewards for finishing tasks and enrolling in various magical programs. Develop your knowledge of defense against the dark arts, herbology, and other subjects along the journey. In the Hogwarts Forbidden Forest, get rewards for learning new spells and finding new things. With your newfound magical expertise, become a successful wizard and show your Hogwarts loyalty!

Uncover the secrets of Hogwarts Castle and explore the Forbidden Forest.

Discover hidden areas of Hogwarts and encounter difficulties that will put your magical prowess to the test. Discover Hogwarts Castle's secrets and complete numerous tasks throughout the castle by ascending its magical staircase. To avoid obstacles in the Forbidden Forest, use spells. With each level you complete, find hidden passageways and gather uncommon things! When you complete tasks successfully, the castle will become accessible to you in new ways as you strive to become a renowned Hogwarts wizard!

Meet famous characters from the Harry Potter books and films, including Dumbledore and Snape!

You can interact directly with the most recognizable and adored characters from the novels and movies in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Join Professors Dumbledore and Snape and other well-known figures as they instruct and assess your magical abilities. Get new insights into Hogwarts' mysteries as you finish each job to advance in the Wizarding World!

Create powerful magic spells and join house rivalries in duels!

The ability to cast spells is one of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery's most thrilling features. With hundreds of spells to master, discover hidden combinations and outfits, investigate spell interactions, and uncover new magical effects. Invite your pals to an epic wizarding duel once you've mastered the foundations of spellcasting! Cast potent spells at one another to reenact the magic of Hogwarts house rivalries!

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