Virgo Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Virgo Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

A phase of confrontation with others begins, dear Virgo. Under the spotlight of this new Sun in Pisces are above all interpersonal relationships and the agreements you "enter into" with others. One of this year's themes is to restore a certain balance in relationships, not spending more on others than others spend on you. And this is not to be fussy, but so that you have the time and energy left to take care of "your" things as well.

This speech applies to work, but it could also be extended to other areas of your life. There is a sort of detachment from the past and from the usual "things". Projects, initiatives and situations to which you have dedicated body and soul in recent years could appear to you in a different light (no longer deserving of so much effort) or take a different turn than expected. Maybe because you feel like you're "alone" in a battle against windmills, because you don't feel the support of those who should have shared the enterprise, or because you're tired of always knocking on doors that remain closed. The fact is that this year the key word is "innovate", and above all to realize that beyond the fence of usual things there is something else. So values change, priorities change and someone could start setting the course for a new goal. I remind you that there will be a very important moment in June and especially after the summer, with a fertile sky that allows something new to be created. Take advantage of the moment of clarity and comparison that you are going through to plan your change initiatives right now. Any investment or entrepreneurial activity must be carefully scrutinized: I certainly cannot suggest that you are responsible (you already are), but try not to overdo it and evaluate a certain "return" in economic terms. Someone during the week could come to your rescue, or you could be the one to meditate on applying for a loan. In general, be careful with expenses.

And even in love you are learning the "cure" for your things. We can't talk about "selfishness" (you wouldn't be capable of it anyway!) but rather about revealing what you want. New truths are emerging that you no longer feel like hiding right now. The new transit of the Sun in opposition puts you in the mirror, pushes you to confront all those interpersonal relationships (affective but also professional) in which you feel a certain disparity. It is not difficult, therefore, for someone to blurt out an "enough now!"; more difficult, perhaps, to put into practice. We are not talking about "closures", but rather about creating new balances and forms of stability. These stars invite you to walk slowly, so take your time before making a choice. Monday 20 and Sunday 26 can be two good days to clarify a certain situation in the family or with your partner: speak clearly. In this time of reflection and heightened self-awareness, singles may feel more alone or misunderstood. A small interesting movement on the new knowledge front is arriving around Wednesday the 22nd, even if something doesn't fully convince. However, let us try not to pour your (temporary) decision of isolation on the other or on fate. Rather, listen to what this unprecedented "silence" has to tell you.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

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