Virgo Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

Virgo Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

I would like to start this horoscope by taking up a sentence from my book: "Virgo, you know who you are, but you still don't know what you 'will have'". The trend of these first months of the year follows it perfectly: you are aware of your potential, both in work and in love, but you still don't know exactly where all this will take you. Also because you have understood that you are perfectly capable of welcoming the inspirations that come from deep within you and of surprising those around you with choices that "do not seem like you".

For work, for example, this early March is one of the most "stimulating" skies for your sign, even if you may not agree at first. In fact, it is a sky that suddenly changes shape, which offers unexpected twists and interesting turns, even a little "unpredictable", which does not allow you to keep things perfectly under control. Sometimes it forces you to review plans, adjust the course, with a "fluidity" that clashes with your spirit of planning things. There is a change at the door: for some, it is a question of renegotiating and renewing a contract on better but different terms than expected, not only at work but also for matters concerning real estate (such as buying and selling a house, renting an apartment). For others, these small or big twists include a transfer and "force" to dismantle a house of cards in order to start building a new one. Try to "observe" these new directions with an open and elastic spirit, without necessarily wanting to oppose a new direction. Different economic movements during the week: between Monday 27 and Wednesday 1 you could review some accounts, find a new solution to manage or contain expenses relating to your business, or discuss an economic matter with a partner or collaborator. Around Friday 3 possible transfers, trips, in general an interesting day for work, also to find good ideas for one's projects and solutions to some problems that arose during the week.

And in love? In this period there is something that punctually fails your expectations. For singles, for example, those who appear as eligible prey or suitors, then vanish into thin air. Or on the contrary, you are the one who walks away. In some cases, there may be a person from the past who, after showing interest in you, is more cold and detached today. It's fine to maintain contact, but don't be surprised by a departure if you first put a "veto" or made it clear that "there is no tripe for cats". As in the previous horoscope, I'm pointing out that this is a moment of truth for you – big or small. You might as well be crystal clear, direct, especially if you're in a couple and you've been carrying on an "unsaid" for some time, or you're keeping a small discontent to yourself which instead should be expressed more clearly. More difficult if your heart is divided in half between two stories. Monday 27 can be an important day for discussions. Occasions for singles at the weekend.

Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

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