Virgo Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

Virgo Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

Life is made out of certain tangible, grounded truths, and you infuse this idea throughout the zodiac.

Working toward your goals becomes more important when you want life to take care of you and show you presence, proximity, and support. You must learn how to ask, starting from your heart, in order to eventually reach the heart of someone who can hear your requests, since you are not alone, Virgo.

Though there are requests and searches for concreteness, this is nevertheless an interesting time for work despite the sense of gloom that March brings. It's a sky that allows you to increase your forward motion, try a new, more effective approach with friends or colleagues, offer projects and propositions to new audiences, and solidify new alliances strong enough to open doors that have previously been closed. Mars and Mercury, in glorious aspect to the Taurus, have the potential to give your activities a decisive spin and inspire any type of initiative, even if it's related to a change in society or a change in your place of employment. There are two crucial times to keep in mind this week: between 3, and 4, and you can still open a bank account on Sunday, And as of today, Sunday, there is still possible to begin talks with a new referee, advance your job search, and receive good news on an economic issue as well. Although it is a moving sky, it still needs your understanding. If I think back to the events from February and then March, we are now on a different planet. If you're waiting for a contract renewal or an answer to a business issue, you may really make a decision at this point to take either a cautious approach to getting what you want or a "revolutionary" action that would usher you into a new professional reality TV. All initiatives that didn't end well in the previous month are now recovering, In some circumstances, there may even be a chance to keep your hand on an apparent closed agreement.

Venus will "station" in the opposite sign of Pisces for almost the entire month of April due to a backward movement that has been captivating the sphere of love for months. This could be a period of emotional uncertainty and reflection during which your search for unity might come up against a distance (either physical or emotional) that the spouse makes clear to you. In the majority of cases, the other person might be less aware of and prepared to "take care" of some of your vulnerabilities because they are more focused on their own work than her. But, those that have deeper and more structurally entrenched uncertainties may soon experience a crisis. The ability for singles to have new encounters is not inhibited by this Venere's "conflictual" march, as demonstrated by the days between 7 and 8 fleeting passions for the moment. Even though the frequency of visitation is clouded by several doubts, there may occasionally be a person already present in the mind. As I stated last week, expand on the reasoning and speak more from the heart: there is no such thing as solidity that does not contain an explosive and irrational core.


Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

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