Virgo Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

Virgo Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

A sky continues that pushes you to "sieve" the interpersonal relationships and relationships that intertwine your life with that of others. In the professional field, your attention is focused on the contracts that regulate your work or on the agreements with partners, collaborators or other contacts; in the emotional field, on some aspects of your relationship with your partner. It is therefore time to remedy the "imbalances", rediscovering a center of gravity between giving / receiving and restoring order, stability and security in your things.

Mars enters a lovely trine from Taurus at the end of the week (starting on March 10), which will encourage you and give you the ability to act firmly and decisively to put all of these problems back on the correct track. Or to choose different routes if that weren't an option. Individuals who are waiting for a contract renewal, to sign a contract, or for a job transition may feel torn between two options: should they stay in a more stable job with fewer career opportunities, or should they accept a less assured contract with more room for growth? Remain secure or pursue your goals? Knowing you, the safest course of action is currently taken, but nothing precludes you from trying to renegotiate. Or, as I have mentioned, to look somewhere else. This week, it's important to restore order, even if you're having trouble with a partner or collaborator. You may need to find new ways to solve your ongoing state of exhaustion or restore the proper balance in the roles. In this regard, pay close attention to Monday, June 6, as you might be questioned about a professional situation or the subject of money may come up. On the other side, you might find yourself having to "correct" the effects of a little evaluation error committed in the prior weeks between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Several people who were born at this time under this sign might have to deal with home problems or a potential move. We discuss options and determine whether "the game is worth the candle" in this situation as well. The favorable skies in the second half of the year may encourage many couples to plan and prepare for a significant event like a wedding or the birth of a first child. The same desire for development and consolidation also affects people who are in "newborn" or "clandestine" relationships; in these situations, finding the proper balance between giving and receiving entails pressing the other person to increase his level of commitment or refraining from avoiding the obligations of a more "defined" relationship. Many people will come to the realization that they are more attentive and present with each other than they are with each other in return at this time, and it will become a priority to discuss and analyze this issue. As? without waiting for the other person to interpret your wants or wishes, by asking. In singles of the sign, the fresh Mars trigon reignites eros and the thirst for conquest. On Saturday, November 11, and Sunday, December, the first effects can already be felt due to interesting but occasionally challenging meetings.


Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

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