Virgo Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

Virgo Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

You, at the center of the universe. You, at the center of the recent Full Moon right in your sign. At this time, your cosmic "feeler" are more active and receptive than ever. You know that some "challenges" will continue in the next few weeks, but this is not demotivating you, on the contrary. Starting this week, the trine of Mars encourages you to take the bull by the horns and face everything with grit and resolute spirit.

Naturally, you become a little fatigued at work, particularly on the weekends when you "let go" and go into "relax mode," occasionally descending into complete apathy. In some aspects, you may have overextended yourself (more or less intentionally) with work, which may have resulted in some "disputes" with clients who, in contrast, want the maximum. In other instances, you might have discovered that certain collaborators' "defaults" were on you, forcing you to handle all of the work by yourself. Calm!

You have the power to rearrange everything, after all. To rearrange your life's schedule in accordance with these two priceless rules—"You must not add, but dispose of" and "You must not overwhelm yourself, but share and be supported"—is, in fact, what your heavenly Father is urging you to do. I am certain that many imbalances of the last time will soon find a new, more "centred" and functional configuration. In fact, the Sun will depart the opposition starting the following week, clearing the way for you to have a clearer perspective. It will demonstrate where you should step in and what alterations you should make to your personal and professional life. In the next weeks, there is one thing you must always remember: asking for more gives you even more power than wanting. Ask instead of assuming that others will understand your requirements. Raise your hand if something doesn't make sense to you and ask for clarification. Overall, this week's work is going nicely. Simply pay attention to any business or financial matters that have not been settled, since someone can knock and ask you questions or, even worse, accuse you of being untraceable, which will truly make you angry. I propose you plan ahead and if you don't have an answer to give, tell it openly. Some people are starting to see the general contours of an impending significant change.

Due to the hysteria at work lately, love has taken a slight hit. In this era, you haven't always felt supported by your partner, perhaps more distracted than you or - on the contrary - excessively demanding. For people born under this sign, the time has come to bare their feelings and communicate their doubts or needs. Your sign occasionally displays a self-sufficient "man (or woman) who never has to ask" attitude. On the other hand, what I previously mentioned regarding work also applies (indeed, more so) in the emotional realm: ask for what you need, even if this requires labor. Above all, those who have gone through a crisis or a breakup are trying to find a new balance by coming to more lasting agreements. In many situations, it is important to completely alter the give-and-take dynamic so that you are no longer the only one who can give. Compromise is listening to each other as well as moving in the same direction. The last ten days of March will offer the ideal skies for lonely hearts, but this week an intriguing invitation (to which one should not say "no") may arrive around Thursday, March 16.


Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

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