Virgo Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

Virgo Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

After the Herculean labors of the past three weeks, dear Virgo, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief. It's not the time to give up your life goals, but it's certainly time for truces: the Sun leaves the opposition and puts an end to this sky which, in some ways, has put you to the test.

If you had to decline professional contracts that did not ensure financial or contractual stability, it would be a hard test. To the test if you have had to "alter" the course of some specified goals or if you have missed a renewal or a job confirmation. Yet you would also be put to the test far more brutally if you had doubts about your value. Briefly stated, you are leaving behind any tests you may have had to endure in order to embark on a period of significant "renewal". Yet, the initial measures can already be taken now. The best prospects and news will start to come in from the beginning of April. Your main focus right now should be on preparing the ground for an autumn that will enable you to accomplish significant tasks, devote yourself to endeavors more in line with your objectives, and put a stop to a number of concerns. In this way, the days from Monday, 20 to Wednesday, 22, might be used to your advantage to solve a professional dilemma, launch a new project at work, or simply finish off any unfinished business. I advise independent contractors to take advantage of "the littlest fish," little jobs that will have the potential to develop and become truly lucrative over the following months. Even unexpected news during the second half of the week could force you to reevaluate some of the logistical and organizational components of your job. Even with certain recent costs associated with old accounts, it is still possible to consider an investment in real estate. The desire for stability is sparked and strengthened by Saturn in the fourth house, which begins with the brick.

And I'd argue that people who desire to rebuild "two hearts and a hut" with their partner should likewise strive for this. The feelings, though, haven't been the best lately. Nothing significant for lovers; rather, job has frequently kept them apart from their homes and their partners. Yet, similar to last week, I have to focus on the give-and-take dynamic for some couples. What is it that you believe the other is not offering you that you need? Use Sunday, June 26, to speak clearly and eliminate any doubt if you're seeking for a good conclusive contrast. This is a mistrustful sky, or one that calls for a lengthy "running in" before letting go of (new) feelings, even for new couples or singles. This could be a time of nostalgia for the past, of thinking back to the sense of stability that essentially made you feel wonderful, especially for lonely hearts who have left behind a great love. Some people have also kept in touch amicably with an ex, which can be causing some confusion right now. Never restrict God's providence; if it's love, you can always reconcile; but, as I mentioned at the beginning of this horoscope, "renewal" is necessary.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

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