Virgo Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Virgo Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

This week, in addition to Mars, there is another small planet-ally able to support your life initiatives, and its name is Mercury, your governor, planet of communication and thought.

Mercury in favor means having a clearer mind, free from anxieties and furnished with new ideas. In short, you recover your energy after an uphill, tiring and for some bewilderment first part of March. And if good humor returns, it's a sign that some pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together in the right direction.

Professionally speaking, Mercury favors new opportunities and good relaunch opportunities, introduces new potential customers into your life and greater business movements. Anyone waiting for an answer or an old payment can breathe a sigh of relief between the end of this and the middle of next week. For freelancers and entrepreneurs, a heaven of new investments opens up to innovate the business, but also of travel, trips or refresher courses to enhance one's business. In this sense, the days of Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 have a sky that allows you to close a complicated negotiation or put a "patch" to a work problem not created by you. We are not yet in a stable and definitive sky, but this spring "reverse" the polarity of your horoscope: you can say goodbye to the era of problems and enter the era of solutions. From the second half of the year (and especially from autumn) you will have a new sky, with Jupiter in favor and Saturn finally out of the boxes. If in recent months you have presented an important request in the company, between now and mid-April you could receive good news that will revive enthusiasm and broaden your prospects. If, on the other hand, you haven't yet found the right conditions to ask for a change or a career boost that you feel you deserve, get active and take advantage of these days.

This week's New Moon could give birth to the desire to buy (or rent) a house as an act of independence from the family, as a love nest in which to go and live with a partner, or even as a form of investment . We talk (and will talk) a lot about real estate in this period, and about the possibility of resorting to a mortgage to make a small/big dream come true. As far as feelings are concerned, in this period there could be a bit of distraction due to external events (work in primis), or an attitude I don't want to say "cold" but rather "logical" towards life that doesn't let you live the relationship with ardor, or which somewhat curbs the spirit of conquering lonely hearts. Nothing that could disturb strong couples, please. However, new loves could be affected by this retrograde movement of Venus which returns in opposition to the sign from next week. There is less openness and willingness to let go. What is it that doesn't lead you to trust? "Logic" is undoubtedly one of the characteristics of your sign, but also the ability to put it aside when it comes to love. In this period, however, it seems to be an armor that protects but, at the same time, slows down. Saturday 1 and Sunday 2, for example, are days that can become controversial: try to soften yourself a bit, to accept compromises or give one more chance if there is someone on the other side who, always according to your logic, is wrong . Let your belly do the talking, and then we'll talk about it.


Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

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