What Is Motivation And How To Get Motivated

What Is Motivation And How To Get Motivated

Motivation refers to the driving force that encourages one to take action towards a goal. It can be either intrinsic (internal, such as personal satisfaction) or extrinsic (external, such as rewards or punishments).

Motivation can be deceptive and fickle. Many people find it easily, but then struggle to maintain it over time and find themselves losing it on their way to achieving a given goal.

The result is that every action begun with great enthusiasm and willpower is interrupted or carried forward with great effort and continuous stops.

Other people, on the other hand, struggle to motivate themselves, that is, they struggle to find the necessary stimuli, in themselves or in what surrounds them to undertake any activity.

It is as if they can never desire anything strongly enough, and as a result they feel lethargic and bored. Finally, still other people are able to motivate themselves and go on for a long time, but at a low intensity, without ever really committing themselves completely.

Finding or maintaining the right motivation to pursue your goals is extremely important for several reasons.

First of all, if we are motivated, everything is simpler: even the most uncomfortable and annoying duties, if performed with determination, become less burdensome to face.

And so a job that we don't like, an exam that we consider very difficult, a bad vegetable become more bearable, if we are motivated and we know that our actions actually have a bigger and more important final purpose than our daily single actions, however inconvenient or difficult these may be to carry out.

And so we come to the next argument, which we can easily deduce from what we have just written: motivation gives meaning to life.

It is a fundamental ingredient of our happiness, regardless of the causes that trigger it and the goals it pursues.

And human beings need motivation in and of itself: feeling emotions, positive or negative, about what one does, is very important for human beings.

And motivation is that factor that can excite us and keep our emotional threshold high and alive, without which we would easily fall into apathy or depression.

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