What movies did Alban Lenoir play in?

What movies did Alban Lenoir play in?

Alban Lenoir was born December 16, 1980 Digione, France. Alban Lenoir his astrological sign is Sagittarius

Alban Lenoir In his 8-year career he starred in Les crevettes pailletées, Gueule d'ange and Bigbug.


“The Truth About Charlie”(2002), “Taken”(2008), “Le Missionnaire” (2009), “Goal of the Dead “(2014), “Gueule d'ange” (2018),“Mauvaises herbes”(2018), “Les crevettes pailletées”(2019), “Balle perdue”(2020), “Bigbug” (2022), “Balle perdue 2” (2022)


“Spiral” (2006), “Benjamin Lebel - Delitti D.O.C.”(2014), “Little Murders by Agatha Christie “(2015),  “Marianne” (2019)

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