What Skills Does Leon Draisaitl Have To Be An X-factor?

What Skills Does Leon Draisaitl Have To Be An X-factor?

The Oilers' young star has had an incredible start to his career, scoring four goals and adding three assists for seven points in five games this season.

But what does he have to offer as an X-factor?

Draisaitl's skill set is impressive, but there are some areas where he needs improvement. His skating is not elite, and he will need to work on improving his speed and agility. He also needs to improve his shot, as he only averages 2.4 shots per game.

He's a great skater with excellent speed and acceleration.

Draisaitl is an exceptional skater who uses his speed to make plays at high speeds. He has good balance and agility, allowing him to avoid defenders and make quick cuts. He has very good top end speed, and he accelerates quickly off the line. He can beat defenders wide open with his speed, and he can use his speed to cut back towards the net.

He's got good hands and puck skills.

Draisaitl also has excellent hockey sense. He sees where teammates are going before they do, and he knows when to pass the puck to them. He can read the play well and anticipate what will happen next. His vision allows him to see passing lanes and find open ice. He can shoot the puck accurately and consistently, and he makes smart passes.

He's a smart player who makes plays at both ends of the ice.

Draisaitl is a smart player who makes good decisions with the puck. He uses his speed and quickness to keep opponents off balance and make plays. He can skate quickly and smoothly, and he can use his stickhandling ability to beat defenders. He can move the puck up the ice quickly and efficiently. He can also protect the puck effectively while moving through tight spaces.

He's a leader who sets up his teammates.

Draisaitl has been described as a leader who sets up teammates. He does so by making smart passes and using his vision to find open areas. He can also play defense well, and he knows how to position himself to block shots.

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