What songs is Lizzo known for?

What songs is Lizzo known for?

Lizzo has appeared in movies like Hustlers and TV shows like Broad City and American Dad!. She is also an accomplished flutist and incorporates her flute-playing skills into her live performances and music videos. Lizzo's multiple talents make her an inspiring and empowering artist for her fans.

Grammy-winning rapper, singer, and songwriter Lizzo is well-known for her uplifting songs about acceptance and self-love.

Her most well-known tracks include:

Truth Hurts (2017): This song was Lizzo's first big success and quickly gained popularity online. The song is a motivating hymn about accepting and loving oneself.

Another Lizzo hymn, Good as Hell (2019), is about finding your inner fortitude and tenacity.

Juice (2019) is a catchy, cheerful song about feeling attractive and self-assured.

About Damn Time (2022) is a happy tune about receiving what you deserve at last.

Rumors (2021): Lizzo's reputation has been the subject of numerous rumors, and this song is her response. A strong and uplifting song about sticking up for yourself and refusing to let other people define you.

In addition, Lizzo has a reputation for working with other musicians, including Cardi B on the song Rumors and Beyoncé on the song Tempo.

Lizzo is well-known for both her music and her campaign for body positivity. She has spoken out against fatphobia and urged people to accept and cherish their bodies regardless of size. She is an inspiration to a lot of people, and both her music and message have changed how people talk about their bodies.

What was Lizzo's first big hit?

Lizzo and Jack Black appear in "The Mandalorian" together.

What songs is Lizzo known for?

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