what taylor swift song is about harry styles

what taylor swift song is about harry styles

According to reports, Swift and Styles dated from December 2012 to January 2013. Although their brief relationship didn't continue long, it served as the inspiration for a number of outstanding songs by both Swift and the former member of One Direction.

They apparently became together in the second half of 2012. When Swift was spotted in the fall wearing a paper aeroplane necklace (which had long since become a signature of Styles'), rumours about their potential romance began to circulate. In December 2012, they were captured on camera strolling together in the Central Park Zoo.

"I knew you were trouble (IKYWT)", "Out" and "Style"  of the Woods are the three songs about Harry Styles that are the most obvious. Since she openly praised him for being present and serving as the song's inspiration when she accepted the VMA for best female video for IKYWT, we can conclude that the song is about Harry.

1. Out Of The Woods

2. I Know Places

Taylor Swift image Instagram (@elitecoachtransportation)

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