What To Do When You Have Worked For A Merged-In Company On Your Resume?

What To Do When You Have Worked For A Merged-In Company On Your Resume?

Get the best advice for listing past employment from a merged-in company on your resume, so recruiters will take notice of it! Read this post to learn what you need to do now.

With the ever-changing corporate landscape, more and more resumes now feature past employment with merged companies. Knowing how and where to list merged companies on a resume can be tricky – but with some simple tips, you can ensure that you are clearly and accurately representing your work experience.

Keep the Name of the Merged-In Company on Your Resume.

While a name change due to a merger may throw off prospective employers, it’s important to still list the merged-in company on your resume. List the exact name of the company you worked for as it appeared in your employment contract or other documentation. This will ensure that recruiters can find a record of your work experience and fully evaluate your qualifications.

When listing the merged-in company on your resume start by giving the formal commercial name of the now-merged entity. Include details such as any AKAs, parent companies, and foreign counterparts that are associated with the business. This will help employers quickly identify historically relevant news and research related to your industry experience. Finally, be sure to include a timeline for any period of employment you served at either company involved in the merger – this will provide recruiters a more detailed look into your work history during the period of transition. Keeping these specific points in mind should ensure that future employers recognize and accurately evaluate your unique professional qualifications.

Explain the Situation Clearly in an Interview When Asked About the Merged-In Company.

When you get asked about the merged-in company in an interview, it’s important to explain the situation and help your interviewer understand. Connect the present company to your previous experience by using phrases like, “I worked for prior to its merger or acquisition by.” This will help ensure that even if recruiters don’t immediately recognize the past company on your resume, they will see how your work history ties into the current employer.

There are many phrases you can use to list the prior merged-in company on your resume. Include a phrase like “Previously held position at, which was acquired by” if you were employed at the previous company. If the entire organization merged in, you can use similar phrasing but instead of “acquired” say “became.” For example: “Transitioned with organization when became part of.” Be aware that after a merger or acquisition, some job titles and roles may have shifted. If that’s the case for you, try to explain this too so your interviewer is able to understand the relevance to the current opportunity.

Be Honest and Avoid Exaggerating About Your Past Role.

It is important to note that when you list past positions from merged companies on your resume, you should be honest and avoid exaggerating your role there. Don't take credit for any part of the merger process as this may not be seen in a good light by employers. Additionally, focus on emphasizing the work that you did while employed at the former company and how it can help benefit your current employer.

While it is appropriate to list the merged company on your resume, it’s important to be as straightforward and honest as possible. Start by stating the original company first and then include a notation that they were acquired by another company. When you go over your roles at the former company in interviews, do your best to describe what you achieved in that role without stretching too far into the details of the takeover or merger. Instead, focus on how long you worked there, what projects you contributed towards, and any leadership functions completed. These are all integral points which will show employers your considerable background experience and knowledge in this area.

Leverage References for Proof and Confirmation of Your Work History with the Merged-In Company.

When crafting your resume, it’s best to include at least one reference from someone who is familiar with the work you did for the merged-in company. Having a reference like that can give employers the assurance that what you are saying in accurate and reliable. Make sure the person has a good standing and is credible enough to back up your past experience. A good reference will go a long way in minimizing any doubt. Furthermore, having contacts from previous organizations also gives recruiters another good reason to hire you as they can look through your professional network to find someone great too!

For extra convenience, include the reference's full name, title and contact information in your resume itself. Doing so would not only save you from scrambling to gather references at last moment but will also help streamline the recruitment process for recruiters, who could just directly reach out to the references you've shared on your resume. This can show your dedication and willingness to be transparent about your past employment experience. Make sure the person you provide as an reference is unbiased but still able to provide a clear-cut answer if asked about the quality of work you did for the merged-in organization.

Use Job Search Engines to Find Relevant Positions Related to Your Experience at a Merged-In Company.

Utilizing job search engines such as indeed.com can be a helpful way to find relevant positions within the industry you worked in for your merged-in company. This will give recruiters an idea of the roles you are interested in and help them understand your experience better. Being able to show off the skills, knowledge and expertise obtained at this former employer will also ensure that you stand out among the competition. Make sure to highlight any unique experiences or specialized skills on your resume so they won’t be forgotten!

Keep in mind that, even if you can’t find positions exactly like the ones you held at a merged-in company, there may be positions with similar titles and descriptions that are relevant to your experience. For example, if you previously worked as a Social Media Director for a merged-in company, there may opportunities for Digital Communications Managers or Social Media Consultants that would still be relevant, and paint an accurate picture of your experience. Be sure to use the correct wording describing your former employer; although it is helpful to provide the name of the company prior to its merger, recruiters want to understand your most recent workplace dynamics. With this approach, you will be able to show off knowledge obtained from previous companies no matter their economic conditions.

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