Who is Ke Huy Quan the oscar award 2023

Who is Ke Huy Quan the oscar award 2023

The actor famous in the Eighties with two cult films: The Goonies and Indiana Jones, returns to the big screen with Everything Everywhere All at Once: “I was a refugee, I understand the trauma. The Daniels told it authentically”

We had already seen Ke Huy Quan, the actor who won the 2023 Oscar for best actor in a leading role, in the movie The Goonies. As a young child, he was regarded as a "prodigious" actor; yet, he spent many years away from the stage.

The actor from Vietnam (born in Saigon on August 20, 1971) won the award for best supporting actor in the current picture, Everything Everywhere All at Once. a significant award that follows a more than 19-year artistic hiatus. Indeed, where have we already seen it? He was the youngest member of The Goonies before that.

Ke Huy Quan was the child star of one of the most well-liked movies of the 1980s: The Unforgettable Richard "Data" Wang in The Goonies. But it wasn't just that; it was also the small Short Round of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a movie we saw debut in theaters during the 1984–1985 season.

As a result, one goes back to her mother before telling her story about her, which begins on a boat and ends a year later in a refugee camp.

 "My mother, who is 84 years old, is at home watching television. Watch out mom, I just won an Oscar. The beginning of my journey was on a boat. I spent a year working in a farmer's field. And I'm currently on Hollywood's biggest set. We say that only happens in movies. I am unable to believe that I have succeeded. This is the American idea.

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