Why Are Logos Important in Advertising?

Why Are Logos Important in Advertising?

A logo is an important part of any advertising campaign. It helps people remember your brand and what you stand for.

A logo is an important medium for a company to show their message, branding and other marketing materials to their customers.

An unforgettable design of a logo can add some value to the brand, create more accessibility to the products and services, generate more followers on social media platforms and gain client's trust.Therefore as a business owner or manager it's important to know why are logos important in advertising.

The Importance of Logos

Brands are a significant part of the world and they have their own characteristics that cannot be separated from. This had led to the development of brands by their distinctive logos, which has been associated with them in a way that is separate but necessary.

Logo Design

There were two components in logo design - graphic and mark. The graphic component included colors, shapes, typographical compositions alongside its proportions and it was referred to “vehicle for expression” for many creative disciplines; whereas on the other hand, the mark - also accompanying colors and shapes, served as providing value identification from distance due to its logotype’s legibility display.

Illustration created in 1885 by Japanese designer Kiyoshi Saito logo of British retailer Asahi Dry Beer

Logos have played a huge role throughout countless eras of marketing. They have stood on their own as an ideogram for a company, or entrenched themselves into a larger narrative - and been just about everything in between. A logo is an important tool in advertising because it can easily make or break an advertisement.

A logo plays varying roles depending on the business that it is trying to market, the era in which it was created, and even who creates the logo.

Logos are generally considered positive tools in marketing when they’re favourable to their audience's understanding of them, their company, and their product. For example, McDonald's golden arches are instantly recognizable as implying "a tasty burger".

This importance stems from how, firstly and primarily, logos work with advertising - associations both conscious and subconscious - to communicate something meaningful with raw clarity

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