Why Globalization Still Maintains Effects on Global Communication?

Why Globalization Still Maintains Effects on Global Communication?

The effects of globalization include rising connection between people around the world and a growing sense of interconnection with individuals speaks another language or follows a different religion

Globalization refers to an intensified process of interconnection and now communication online, where borders are no longer a hindrance. There is the potential to negotiate and defend across borders while still retaining one’s ethnic, language, and cultural identify. This is now a common reality. Many people are experiencing its changes in different parts of their life, such as culture, economy, logistics etc. As more and more economic and trade activities are going globalize nowadays, communication becomes much more important in order to maintain mutual understanding among different cultures.

In contemporary US culture, globalization has had many effects on people's interactions with words and accents. Various vernaculars exist today because there was an increase in immigration waves from countries where English was not the primary language.

Modern globalization is characterized by the spread of capitalism and massive migration. This world can be seen as dynamic as well because it is constantly changing as economic shifts happen, cultures combine and shift, or political systems change.

New communication technologies, such as the internet and various types of social media, have greatly impacted how we communicate with others around the globe. Social media has also given a voice to like-national identities by allowing people access to their titular languages and cultures.

Throughout history, empires often gave rise to empires through their language and culture - but this is starting to change not just in America but all over the world. English is no longer needed as a global language anymore because even people who don't partake in traditional Western cultures can find content without speaking it fluently now due to globalization.

Everyone's response to globalization is different from other factors such as occupation or personal beliefs

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