Why Lady Gaga is one of the most famous artists of our time?

Why Lady Gaga is one of the most famous artists of our time?

Lady Gaga is one of the most famous artists of our time and well-known for her avant-garde style, originality, raw emotion, and diverse range.

Covered on a number of websites and fan sites, there is not denying that Lady Gaga has a global presence. With a little over 26 million followers on Twitter and first place on Forbes' list of most powerful celebrities, there are numerous aspects of her industry and persona worth exploring.

Across the years, she has been heralded as an entertainer and fashion icon who pushes boundaries with bold visual statements complete with corresponding power ballads as backings. In fact, she was made in control every fashion show since 2008. Moreover her "pop star effort" has helped popularize the internet for broader creative ventures like YouTube Red's VR 3-D audio experience Yellow Light. However some may have seen it better separating from underground artists like Troye Sivan to more commercial endeavors to promote the Monster High makeup line or the Fame fragrance. Similarly, her surge in popularity during 2013 as she was featured prominently on American Music Awards for “Yoü Can Be My Lover” also increased visuals

For Lady Gaga's image, she confronts the clamor of her physical appearance and constantly pressures herself to invent a new persona. Her stage act is overtly sentimental and emotional: "I always have these big songs of unconditional love," she says, "so when people come to see me there's this sense of euphoria."

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