Why you should start keeping a personal diary again: the self-care journal

Why you should start keeping a personal diary again: the self-care journal

All of us, at some point in our childhood, received a secret diary. To reread it today there is always a smile. But the concept of writing one's feelings on paper has its advantages: it is the practice of journaling.

If you want to improve every aspect of your life by increasing your self-awareness, a self-care journal is one of the best tools you can use.

What exactly is a self-care journal?

A self-care journal, on the other hand, is more specific. «Keeping a self-care journal, when it becomes a ritual of transformation, not only changes your life, but expands it,» according to life coaches....

Why is it necessary to keep a self-care journal?

Writing down all of your thoughts in your self-care journal allows you to be completely honest about how you really feel. Drug users have benefited from keeping a self-care journal to keep track of their drug use behavior and thoughts. Some studies have shown that keeping a self-care journal can be beneficial. A study published in the journal Clinical Psychology Review discovered, for example, that journaling practice in self-care can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

During the study, people suffering from depression and anxiety wrote for 15 minutes every day, three days a week, about their thoughts and emotions. Participants' anxiety and depression symptoms were significantly reduced after 6 weeks. According to research, keeping a self-care journal can help people develop a more positive outlook on life, as well as improve self-esteem and body image satisfaction. Writing down your feelings in a self-care journal can transform your life.

Don't undervalue the importance of journaling. To keep a journal, you don't have to be a poet or master the «perfect» technique.

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