Winter Coating is the dating trend to watch this winter!

Winter Coating is the dating trend to watch this winter!

The days are getting shorter, the weather is changing, and we are already planning our next vacation. This can only mean one thing in the dating world: cuffing season has arrived.

The cuffing season is defined as the time when single people begin looking for short-term relationships to help them get through the winter months. As a result, these are couples that bloom in the dead of winter and often die when the flowers bloom in the spring. In turn, a new dating trend known as winter coating is something we should be aware of during this time.

What exactly is the winter coat?

The term "winter coating" refers to the phenomenon in which people resent old flames with the arrival of the cuffing season, which represents the time when singles are most eager to begin a relationship. As the cold season approaches, the "winter coaters" return to someone they have previously attended (much like when the winter coat is tried on again during the change of seasons) and resume where they left off. This would not be a problem except that, with the arrival of summer, there is a tendency to break up again to try something new.

In other words, winter coating occurs when people turn to people they have dated or had a full-fledged relationship with in order to convert them into a convenient "seasonal partner" during the colder months.

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