Balenciaga Skiwear Mini Game

In celebration of the first Balenciaga Skiwear Collection, a specially developed video game will debut on December 11th, 2023, available on any device.

The game features two avatar options wearing animated renditions of the newly launched Balenciaga winter sport products, including technically advanced ready-to-wear, protective accessories, snow equipment, and athletic gear.

Players are tasked with traversing a ski slope set up with downhill gates and extreme weather conditions while sporting Balenciaga Skiwear on Balenciaga Skis. The infinite slope consists of three environments and three meteorological conditions. As the player advances, the game speed increases, making for a realistic maneuver between gates, the goal being to stay as long as possible on the slope. When gameplay stops, rewards such as exclusive wallpapers and stickers are offered, and the player is invited to consult the worldwide scoreboard, which shows their ranking amongst other players.

A contest, lasting from December 11th to January 31st, 2024, will rank the best players in each designated zone. As a prize, Champions will be awarded a physical Balenciaga Ski Lock from the collection.

The Balenciaga Skiwear Mini Game is available exclusively on WeChat in China and online worldwide.
Balenciaga Skiwear Mini Game
Balenciaga Skiwear Mini Game

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