"I have been working for a few seasons to define a new identity and visual language for this house. This campaign feels like the beginning and I wanted to celebrate the men and women who represent Burberry – some who have been a long-standing part of my career and others who have started this Burberry journey with me. Together they capture the sophistication and attitude at the heart of the house today.

Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

‘It is always one of my biggest honours to work with a friend like Riccardo. He took me under his high fashion wing when I was young and now to be able to work with him again for Burberry is a blessing. Ricky always brings the best energy to set. We are always laughing and it never feels like a work day with him. He always knows exactly what look is perfect for each girl and that is why he is the designer that he is. He knows how to bring out the best in all of us. Gi and I always have the best time working together, but we feel so lucky to be able to work in a space with Inez, Vinoodh and Riccardo. I love this campaign so much, thank you to the Burberry team and most of all, my Riccardo for this beautiful campaign.’Bella Hadid
‘Riccardo has been super close with my family for a very long time. He has always treated me with such kindness, support and respect which is so special in this industry. Working with him is always so creative and fun. He has this raw passion, endless energy and creative references which are really infectious when you are on set. Watching what he is doing with Burberry is incredible and it is a joy and privilege to be a part of the journey.’Kendall
‘Shooting this campaign felt like a group creation at its best. Riccardo is such a gentle soul and I am happy to call most people on set that day my friends. Inez and Vinoodh know how to make magic happen and those special moments are my favourite part of the job. Whenever I wear Burberry, I feel incredibly elegant. All of a sudden, I straighten my back and the lady inside of me comes to light. I think Burberry has this inherent sense of class, which Riccardo brings an edge to. He translates it to the youth of today and recreates what Burberry stands for. It’s very exciting to be part of his vision.’Rianne van Rompaey
‘It was a great experience on set – I loved working with Riccardo and the whole team! I really felt everyones passion for the brand and I’m happy to have been a part of it. Burberry for me means traditional craftsmanship bound in new ideas and creativity and I like the way Riccardo thinks and sees fashion. I think Burberry plays a huge role in fashion as it represents so many generations, respecting and reinterpreting its legacy, as well as creating future classics for the new generation.’Mona Tougaard
‘Burberry to me means home. A family I was accepted into, where I feel loved and special. Burberry to me represents unity, love, acceptance, confidence and beauty. Burberry plays the role of classic elegance in fashion today. My experience working with Burberry, Riccardo and the entire cast and team will always be so special to me. The love we all share among each other, the fun we have on set, the whole vibe each time is simply amazing – it makes it so easy to work, make new friends and create lasting memories.’Tosin Olajire

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