‘It began with a thought of British summertime; embracing the elements with a trench coat on the beach mixing with the sand and the water. I envisioned the people of this space, like the lighthouse keeper, and a love affair between a mermaid and a shark, set against the ocean, then brought to land.

The circle is hugely symbolic – regrowth, renewal, the circle of life. The collection is called In Bloom because I was thinking about regeneration, about dynamic youth, about nature constantly recreating itself, always growing and evolving, always alive. Water is a symbol of that also – of newness, freshness and cleansing. And through water, life grows – water is what allows nature to bloom. Everything is circular.

Riccardo’s collaborative creative partnership with Anne Imhof, an artist synonymous with her groundbreaking endurance performances and installation works, offers a collision of fashion and art. Together, the duo have conceived a fashion show as a performance: staged for a digital audience, the show experience is designed as an installation exploring the freedom of expression – transforming fiction into fact as the real becomes unreal. Like waves crashing, uncontrolled against the shore, the performance features an ebb and flow of bodies, models and performers as one – a swelling and falling tide of figures moving through the space – a raw urban environment, created within the ever-blooming landscape of the British outdoors. It celebrates a symbiosis of wild, untamed nature and human structure – here, united.

Burberry SS21 - Look 1
Burberry SS21 - Look 2
Burberry SS21 - Look 3
Burberry SS21 - Look 4
Burberry SS21 - Look 6
Burberry SS21 - Look 7
Burberry SS21 - Look 15
Burberry SS21 - Look 16
Burberry SS21 - Look 23
Burberry SS21 - Look 25
Burberry SS21 - Look 26
Burberry SS21 - Look 29
Burberry SS21 - Look 30
Burberry SS21 - Look 39
Burberry SS21 - Look 41
Burberry SS21 - Look 48

Burberry SS21 - Look 55
Burberry SS21 - Look 57
Burberry SS21 - Look 58
Burberry SS21 - Look 59

Images Courtesy of BURBERRY

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