NEW YORK, NY, JUNE 3, 2021– Coach today debuts Stuart Vevers’ winter collection with an experiential runway show in Shanghai and a special episode of “Coach TV: Live From Shanghai” made in collaboration with Coach Family. Marking the house’s return to the runway, the immersive hybrid experience, broadcast live around the world, combines a live show with elements of entertainment to celebrate the optimism of Shanghai’s next generation.

Coach’s first newly renamed “winter” collection debuts Stuart Vevers’ vision of a more honest approach to seasonality, building on and re-presenting ideas from Fall’s story of creature comforts, tactility and softness. Evoking our moment of re-emergence and a desire for adventure, the collection debuts retro nylon skiwear with vintage-inspired sporty graphics, juxtaposed with lamé cocktail dresses and blouses finished with touches of lace and velvet envisioned for dressing up and stepping out again. Presented on a local cast of individuals who convey the energy of Shanghai, the collection joyfully combines nostalgia with references to American pop culture, unveiling the next chapter of Vevers’ vision of heritage reimagined through the lens of now.

“Our winter collection is inspired by a sense of adventure and our hopes for tomorrow,” said Vevers. “Building on and re-representing ideas from Fall, it debuts a more honest approach to seasonality whilst expressing my vision for winter, an ode to the attitude of a new generation in Shanghai. The experience I envisioned for our return to the runway combines all that we loved about live shows in the past with all that we’ve learned in the past year. It brings together our Coach Family around the world and reflects our commitment to imagining differently and constantly evolving.”

Coach Winter 21 - Looks 1
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 2
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 4
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 8
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 13
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 16
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 18
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 21
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 26
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 30
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 35
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 37
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 40
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 43
Coach Winter 21 - Looks 44
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