Marni Announces Collaboration With No Vacancy Inn

Fashion as a multidisciplinary practice blurring the line with individual life is a core principle of what Marni stands for: creative director Francesco Risso believes in the exchange of ideas, in community building as essential parts of the creative process, and in education as a tool.

Following this approach, Marni naturally fosters dialogues and laboratories that allow its identity and symbolism to gain further facets, to open up to other meanings, to mingle with other entities, identities and symbolisms.

As a processual brand, Marni moves through different media of expression and comes alive through workshops and streams of consciousness, involving members of its ever-growing community in exchanges that are theoretical and creative as much as they materialize in product, using textiles as a philosophical playground.

One installment of this polymorphous program takes the form of a hand-in-hand creative experiment developed with No Vacancy Inn. The brainchild of Tremaine Emory, Ade "Acyde" Odunlami, and Brock Korsan, No Vacancy Inn is a kindred spirit: a multidisciplinary, expansive project with no finite beginning or end, shaping itself through different media, from DJing to clothing, depending on the expressive urges of its authors, and what they feel timely at each moment.

Multiplicity as a way to assess a fluid identity is what ties Marni and No Vacancy Inn together, playing with a shared visual language that uses clothing surfaces as a canvas upon which to lay visually striking symbols that deal with contemporary culture, and are meant to seduce and trigger the mind through the eyes.

The MARNI + NO VACANCY INN will comprise men’s and women’s ready to wear, shoes and accessories, plus a selection of lifestyle accessories. Sales campaign starts on October 24th 2022, while the collection will hit the market in April 2023 through MARNI’s own retail channels and 90+ selected multi-brand stores worldwide.

No Vacancy Inn
Marni X No Vacancy Inn


No Vacancy Inn continues to be amorphous; the eternal party, everywhere and nowhere. Decidedly not a fashion brand, NVI is a lifestyle brand and a platform to tell stories.

Originally founded by Acyde Odunlami and Tremaine Emory, NVI began after years of the two co-hosting a podcast for Know Wave radio and curating/DJ’ing numerous parties from East London to Miami Art Basel to Coachella. In 2015, Brock Korsan joined the group, further evolving the brand into what we know today, solidly based in the foundation of friendship and creative expression.

Now the entity continues to inspire a new generation by cultivating the community around their events, conversations and clothing.

No Vacancy Inn
Marni X No Vacancy Inn

No Vacancy Inn

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