Palace Gucci Pop Up - Opening today at Palace Skateboards, London

Vault Goes Physical And Beyond In Occasion Of The Palace Gucci Collection Launch Landing Now In London

Vault to transcend its form, leaving all its boundaries behind: for the first time since its inception back in September 2021, Gucci’s experimental online store is taken offline in occasion of the opening of a brand-new series of Pop-Ups and one-of-a-kind Palace store takeovers dedicated to the Palace Gucci collection. The initiative also marks the first time Palace allows another creative to reconfigure its flagship stores, in a reversal of perspectives echoing Gucci’s invite to Palace to experiment with its own codes.

The ephemeral stores and takeover locations will showcase the results of the impossible conversation between the two brands, in an immersive environment reflecting Gucci’s unconventional approach to luxury fashion, landing on October 21st in Palace Skateboards, London.

Materializing soon on earth, the collection encompasses accessories and clothing for all genders. The Gucci Horsebit loafer is enriched with a Palace ‘P’ charm, an emblem that also infiltrates Gucci’s iconic monogram canvas in a literal overlapping of identities, duffles are reshaped in the pyramidal form of the Tri-Ferg. Likewise, Palace’s staples – soccer tees, denims and tracksuits – are contaminated with Gucci’s codes in a dichotomous melding of both brands’ personae. Reflecting the diverse experiences within Vault, the Palace Gucci collaboration extends beyond clothing to include a duo of unanticipated items. Palace's obsession with motorcycle culture ignited a never-before-seen partnership with MOTO GUZZI, thus sparking a sizzling limited-edition of the iconic V7 motorbike of 50 pieces. In a nod to the name and notion of “Vault”, 10 dual-branded Palace Gucci safes are also available worldwide.

The creativity of the dedicated Pop-Ups and Palace store takeovers speaks Vault. The House’s free online space shaped and defined by experimentation represents the framework allowing for a constant flux of ideas and sources of inspirations. Embodying its role as the perfect container to host and enable this unique meeting and melding of approaches, Vault exceptionally assumes physical form translating its unequivocal artistry into kaleidoscopic set ups, defined by brightly colored hypnotic patterns also found across pieces of the collection – welcoming visitors in this mind-revealing environment. In a further quantum leap, Vault also sets ready to translate the experience in the Metaverse, providing access on October 27th to this mine of ideas, oddities, and unlikely encounters in this uncharted realm.


As Gucci’s experimental online store, Vault was created from the vision of Alessandro Michele in 2021, the House’s centennial year. Free-dimensional and forever in flux, it is a place where Gucci’s past, present, and future coexist through the power of imagination. Its name evokes an air of magic, denoting a pursuit of precious wonders that go beyond the confines of time, and its virtual shelves host a careful curation of rare vintage Gucci pieces alongside capsule collections, limited-edition styles, and other items from a selection of noteworthy brands, all dear to the Creative Director. Vault also acts as an emissary of Gucci’s presence within the metaverse, evolving by creating with the web3-based community. NFT collectibles and virtual experiences join the platform’s offering, as Vault expands in all directions to push beyond the traditional and the purely transactional.



Alessandro Michele

Moto Guzzi

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