Self-portrait Announces Liying Zhao As Global Brand Ambassador

London-based fashion house self-portrait announce Liying Zhao as their global brand ambassador, coinciding with a dedicated ad campaign.

Liying features in a series of images and films entitled “New Ray” captured by Nick Yang, featuring the brand’s newest Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

Combining the spirit of the evolving and effortless self-portrait woman with Liying’s modern energy and dynamism, the campaign solidifies the creative relationship between Liying and self-portrait.

Han Chong, the brand's Founder and Creative Director, said:

”I have always hoped that women wearing self-portrait could keep her individuality, rather than turning into someone else, which is the essence of the brand. Collaborating with Liying is a win-win decision. She is a chameleon who has portrayed numerous roles in which she always appears confident with her own unique personality. Liying’s talent and charm perfectly resonate with the brand's spirit”

Liying Zhao said:

"self-portrait possesses a diverse design perspective on a global scale, offering contemporary women a rich and stylish energy. I am honoured to represent a brand that encourages women to explore, express, and showcase themselves. I look forward to presenting more possibilities that defy definition together with self-portrait.”

Photographer Nick Yang plays with light to establish expressions that depict the inherent connections between different scenes and characters. Amidst the interplay of light and shadow, Liying presents a confident, multifaceted, and relaxed authentic self, interpreting a snapshot of the contemporary woman - managing different roles and appearing in different scenes, the only "direction" that makes her looks forward is the light. The inner and the outer light that she found within herself.

The ongoing collaboration between self-portrait and Liying is rooted in the core spirit of self-portrait, emphasising the unique connection between the brand and individuals. It seeks to extend the inner dialogue between contemporary fashion and the wearer through self-recognition, self-appreciation, self-exploration, and self-reflection. Liying’s image aligns with what self-portrait aims to present — a multi faceted personality that is confident, independent, and defies definition.

Established in 2013 by Han Chong, self-portrait has become synonymous with empowering the modern woman through functional dressing for day and night. The brand is also strongly committed to supporting creative British talent through a number of initiatives including a scholarship program with Central Saint Martins.

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