virgil abloh’s “figures of speech”

Virgil Abloh‘s much-anticipated “Figures of Speech”exhibition opened to the public at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. MCA gives us a look inside the installation, which is comprised of seven parts: “Early Work,” “Fashion,” “Music,” “Intermezzo,” “Black Gaze,” “Design,” and “The End.” Abloh’s retrospective delves into 20 years of his designs ranging from sneakers and apparel, to furniture, graphic works, and beyond.

From Virgil Abloh - In large part, “Figures of Speech” is an art exhibition rooted in advertising and “the projected image”.⁣⁣ Anytime an idea hits a particular surface; a photo print, a screen, a billboard or canvas, it seems like fact. This exhibition demonstrates myself wrestling with this concept within the freedom of mediums while finding personal solutions.⁣⁣ This 15-year study is looking for a way to transform from consumer to producer. This is an intersection where the tourists and purists cross paths. The atmosphere is literal and figurative.⁣⁣

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