THE HOUSE’S NEW GATHERING PLACE ON ROBLOX, 27th May, 2022. The House raises the curtain on Gucci Town, a virtual piazza in the landscape of Roblox. Following a series of ephemeral projects on the global online platform for shared immersive experiences, including the Webby Award-winning Gucci Garden in May 2021, the House has now established a persistent digital space for the growing Gucci Community on Roblox

Gucci Town is a dynamic destination to interact with the codes of the House, discover the kaleidoscopic vision of Alessandro Michele, express one’s own individuality, and connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world.

True to the Roblox ethos of building connections through shared creative experiences, Gucci Town is home to a broad range of activities that will evolve through time. Visitors walking from the central piazza to Mini Game Heights will find a portal transporting them to an arena of Gucci-inspired competitions, such as Tile Takeover or Rising Tides. Heading into Creative Corner, they can create art pieces experimenting with patterns, colors and shapes, and will later be joined by visiting artists showcasing their works.

Within the virtual Vault Plaza, community members will find an exhibition space inspired by the impossible conversations started within Vault, the House’s experimental concept store. Conceived as its virtual counterpart on Roblox, it will showcase some of Gucci’s latest product drops and collaborations. Just around the bend is the Gucci Shop, a boutique where visitors can purchase digital Gucci items to collect or to outfit Roblox avatars – including the newly launched, archive-inspired Gucci Blondie bags designed by Alessandro Michele and limited-edition collectibles. The digital fashion items make the most of the recently launched Roblox “Layered Clothing” technology for hyper-realistic 3D garments that fit any avatar body type, creating limitless ways for users to express themselves through unique combinations and looks.

Finally, Power-up Place is a café where community members can take a break, and, most importantly, come together with friends to meet and interact with others. As visitors immerse themselves in the various activities within Gucci Town, they are rewarded with GG Gems, the in-experience currency they can use to purchase power-ups as well as virtual Gucci items. Each space within Gucci Town will be updated regularly with new content in conversation with the House’s trajectory into the future.

Gucci Town continues the House’s journey into the metaverse as it maps out new territory to build meaningful experiences, an exploration led by Vault, Gucci’sexperimental online space. Products and content were developed hand-in-hand with independent content creators from the Roblox community such as Rook Vanguard,Bunnexh and Lirn, demonstrating Gucci and Vault’s commitment to amplify emerging talents. First and foremost a community for all, Gucci Town is dedicated to those seeking the unexpected by offering an immersive space that translates Alessandro Michele’s vision into a lived and played narrative.

About Gucci Vault

Created from the vision of Alessandro Michele, Vault is a place where past, present and future co-exist through the power of the imagination. Its name evokes an air of magic, denoting a pursuit of precious wonders that go beyond the confines of time and space—free-dimensional and forever in flux.

As an experimental online space, it is a meeting place where an impossible conversation becomes an inevitable one. Its ever-changing offering includes a careful curation of rare vintage Gucci pieces alongside exclusive capsule collections, limited-edition styles and other items from a selection of brands, all dear to the Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. And as it expands in all directions to push beyond the traditional and the purely transactional, Vault also acts as an emissary of Gucci’s presence within the metaverse, evolving by creating with the community. Web3-based initiatives including NFTs join the platform’s virtual shelves as objects from different eras with diverse origins allow ideas to hybridize and create those perfect conditions to spark new creativity for the future.

For further information about Vault visit vault.gucci.com

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