Brace yourself: BUTT Magazine is back powered by Bottega Veneta


Known for its unabashed portrayals of homosexual men and cutting-edge interviews around the male gay experience, the quarterly publication founded by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom is returning on March 4 supported by Bottega Veneta

More than 10 years since the launch of its final print issue in December 2011, BUTT Magazine — the revolutionary pocket-size, quarterly publication “for and about homosexuals” — is relaunching with a hundred pages “spilling over the rim with interviews from a diverse cast of free spirits”. Scheduled for March 4, the release of this new issue will mark the 30th edition of the legendary magazine founded in the Netherlands in 2001 by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom.

Ever since its inception, BUTT Magazine has always served as a pioneering force in the publishing industry. A collection of written and visual materials directly submitted by its loyal community of readers, also known as “Buttheads”, and ranging from interviews, letters and articles to photographs and illustrations, the magazine worked its way to the top of the sector thanks to its quirky, unfiltered (and stark naked) style championing a more authentic depiction of the male gay experience.

“BUTT’s surprise rebirth this spring begins a new conversation focused on cross-community solidarity and sexual freedom,” the publication said in a statement. “While queer visibility may be at an all-time high, BUTT’s candid intergenerational dialogues about contemporary life and love have been sorely missing these past 10 years.”

Among the personalities that graced the signature-pink pages of the previous BUTT Magazine’s editions are Casey Spooner, Michael Stipe, John Waters, Walter Pfeiffer and Slava Mogutin to name a few. Featuring Billy Vega, Felix Maritaud, Sunil Gupta alongside a “queer community in flux”, the relaunch issue — which is powered by Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta, the sole advertiser of the 30th edition — is set to be just as memorable.

“As a brand, sometimes you want to support something that you simply have a belief in and a fondness for — BUTT magazine is one of those things,” the brand told WWD on BUTT 30 announcement day last February 16. “It has a meaning for many who work for Bottega Veneta, who grew up with the magazine and loved its cheeky view of the world. For many of us, no matter where we grew up on the globe, it made us feel at home. We hope it can do the same for a new generation.”

Debuting in Paris with a special installation at Palais de Tokyo (March 4—6) and a club night with party crew Mustang, both happening on March 4, the long-awaited return of “the veritable home of faggotry” will heat up the French capital at the peak of fashion week. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see it.

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