Glen Luchford "Selected Works 1990-2020"



"Selected Works 1990-2020"

“I’ve been meaning to exhibit elements of my work for some time. Covid-19 made me think in different ways about how to show work that can be looked at from isolation and during this time of on-going social distancing. Obviously nothing can replace the sensory impact of wandering a gallery or museum, but this virtual gallery does give the opportunity to see the work in a space and look for as long or as little time as desired, and I’m very happy to be able to share it.” -Glen Luchford

Jack Webb, Gucci Fall Winter

Selected Works 1990-2020, a virtual exhibition of photographs by Glen Luchford spanning his work over three decades. Hosted on Art Partner’s website, users will navigate the virtual exhibition at their own pace as they would in the real-world to see, discover, and experience Glen Luchfords’ artwork in an entirely novel way through the simplicity of a common internet browser. The exhibition features the photographer’s most well known pieces alongside personal images that have not been widely shown to the public. The body of work on view encompasses his ‘slice-of-life’ style, portraiture, and fantasy, all of which are noted for their cinematic qualities. Luchford first entered the public sphere in the late 1990s through his campaigns for Prada, which combined sophisticated lighting techniques and an unconventional rawness.

The photographer’s intimate and often gritty black-and-white portraits from the 1990s of musical icons such as Bjork, to more energetic street shots of Kate Moss capture the spirit of a city and its people in transition. In later work, Luchford's caught-in-the-moment style photography has given way to a more refined portraiture with subtle undertones of his earlier rawness. In recent years especially through his collaboration with Gucci, Luchford’s imagery has embraced an over-the-top fantasy that is both modern and nostalgic. Throughout his career, Luchford has—and continues to—intuitively blur the lines between art and fashion photography, cementing his role in pushing the boundaries of the genre for the last 30 years. The exhibition opens to the public on on Thursday May 28th and will run through Tuesday June 30th 2020.

Jenny Saville Closed Contact
Kate Moss for Harpers Bazaar
Amber Valetta for Prada Fall Winter
Gucci Spring Summer
Stella Tennant for Mirabella Magazine
Malgosia Bela for Self Service

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