Helmut Newton ‘Fact & Fiction’ Explores The Man Beyond The Frame.


Helmut Newton may have captured the countenances of ubiquitous figures such as David Bowie and Charlotte Rampling, although what this retrospective showcase chooses to entirely concentrate on is not so much what his various projects ascertain about others but more so what they express to us about the man beyond the shutter of his camera. {He}“is one of that celestial band of photographers whose images are instantly recognisable as their own” says Marta Ortega.

“Newton’s own great revolutionary act was to utterly change the ways in which women were portrayed in the pages of glossy magazines. Here were women who enjoyed style and fashion, who enjoyed the power and splendour of their bodies, women who were elegantly seductive and untouchable. His photographs were not only of his time but far ahead of his time— he spectacularly set the scene for those photographers who followed him.” Adding a reinforced resonance to this, ‘Fact & Fiction’ is anticipated to feature videos of Newton inside the studio, personal keepsakes, antiquities and posters brought together by Philippe Garner, Matthias Harder and Tim Jefferies with help from the Marta Ortega Pérez (MOP) Foundation.

Set to be displayed alongside them from the 18th of November 2023 to the 1st of May 2024 at the MOP Foundation, A Coruña, Spain are also various portraits of Jerry Hall, Margaret Thatcher, Elsa Perretti, Yves Saint Laurent, Daryl Hannah, Naomi Campbell, Andy Warhol and Karl Lagerfeld along with Newton’s ‘Big Nudes’ project and more innocuous projects.

Helmut Newton will be the subject of a major exhibition in A Coruña, Spain. (Courtesy)

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