I’ve always been inspired by nature




This week Alexander McQueen is inviting followers to submit photography taking inspiration from nature: now more than ever its beauty and ability to regenerate is a symbol of hope and quiet power. With that in mind we will simultaneously unveil a series of images shot during the lockdown, commissioned by the house, by photographers who are both long-standing McQueen collaborators and emerging talent and based all over the world. Our brief to them was the same: to capture their perceptions of nature during this moment of global quarantine. As always, followers will be asked to upload their images tagged @AlexanderMcQueen #McQueenCreators #McQueenNature.

“I’ve always been inspired by nature – it’s a thread which runs through everything we create at McQueen. The most important thing now is for us to reconnect with nature. These pictures are a reflection of that thought.” Sarah Burton, Creative Director

Adama Jalloh - Peckham, London, Uk
Alice Schillaci - Milan, Italy
Chloe Le Drezen - London, Uk.
Eddie Wrey - London, Uk. image shot in Berkshire, Uk
Hanna Moon - Seoul, South KOrea. image shot in Seoul, South Korea
Julia Noni - ~Bourgeauville, France. image shot in Bourgeauville, France
Lea Colombo - London, Uk. images shot in Hackney, London
Luis Alberto Rodriguez- Berlin, Germany. image shot in Berlin, Germany
Luo Yang - Shanghai, China. image shot in Bali, Indonesia
Virginie Khateeb - London, Uk. images shot in Hackney, London
Wing Shya - Hong Kong. image shot in Argentina

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