Metallic Inc. Announce The 2023 Metallic Fund



With support from Havana Club, Bottega Veneta and Bumble Metallic Inc. are pleased to announce the 2023 Metallic Fund. Now in its third year, The Metallic Fund is set to award over £60,000 to young British Black creatives across the arts to help assist in realising their artistic vision

In 2020, London-based global culture studio Metallic Inc established The Metallic Fund with the ambition to elevate Black talent across the arts and address inequality in the creative industries. Spearheaded by Metallic Inc Founders Grace LaDoja MBE and Alex Sossah, the annual fund has issues over £150k in funds directly to emerging UK creatives supporting the likes of thriving businesses and creatives such as No Signal Radio, Vivendii, Louis Culture and Feben. With community being a key ethos behind Metallic, the Funds reach expands far beyond financial support with education and mentorship being a key component of the program. Now in its third iteration, The Metallic Fund has proudly hosted mentors from key luminaries across culture includingCarlos Nazario, Martine Rose, Virgil Abloh, Dexter Navy, L52 PR, Caroline Simounescu Marin, Mark Krais, Romain Gavras, Thomas Bird and many more.

Talking about her experience, former Metallic Fund winner Feben explains “the fund has been really important for someone like me cause I don’t really come from that sort of background. It really supported me when I needed it the most, but it wasn’t just the money, it was the mentorship as well. I had just graduated and needed guidance. Carlos from i-D was one of my mentors and I found that conversation and his belief in my story really helpful. I really appreciated the support”. Meanwhile, Ife Ogunjobi, a rising star within London’s thriving jazz scene adds “The Metallic Fund is amazing to me because it allows so many different creatives and artists to find their voice and take their passion forward”.

Grants for this year’s Metallic Fund will be divided across tiers including 1 Platinum grant (£20k), 2 x Gold grants (£10k), 3 x Silver grants (£5k) and 6x Bronze grants (£2500) being awarded. Applicants must be between 18-34 year old Black creatives who live in the UK and possess a strong creative vision and plan. Applicants from LGBTQ+ communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Speaking on the fund, Grace says “Community is the DNA of Metallic. We want The Fund to be visible to the community outside of the people that know us personally, the community that are in the UK doing amazing things and want to get support from a company that is Black owned and has an amazing network around it that can nurture them through mentorship”.

Commenting on the fund, Alex says “we wanted to create a Fund that looks like us. It was vital to have a program that allows people to identify with us. The Fund has always been about bringing people together, collaborating and supporting the next generation of Black creative talent”.

For more information on the Metallic Fund as well as details on how to apply, please visit

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