“COARSE: The Edges of Black Ingenuity” - VIRTUAL EXHIBITION by JAWARA



“I believe hair is a complex and multi-faceted subject to grasp. Especially when it comes to discussing Black hair. The narrative of Black hair is rooted in the art of storytelling. Essentially, every hairstyle tells a story. Far from being simply cosmetic, it encompasses the vastness of spiritual, social, cultural, and historical realms that intersect with crucial conversations regarding gender, class, and race.” - Jawara

Art Partner present COARSE: The Edges of Black Ingenuity, a virtual exhibition curated by Jawara featuring photographs of his work showcasing Black and afro hairstyles as an art form. In the exhibition, Jawara explores the meaning of Blackness using Afro hair as a lens to dive into the poetry and politics of culture, community, and personal identity. Of the exhibition, Jawara states, “It is my intention to use this platform to curate a storied journey of triumph through the power of our follicles. I was taught at a young age that “hair is strength” by my mother who hasn’t cut her hair in 43 years. I believe that the best way to convey this truth is through beauty.” Hosted on Art Partner.com from Thursday, October 22nd through December 2020, users will navigate the virtual exhibition at their own pace as they would in the real-world to see, discover, and experience Jawara’s creations in an entirely novel way through the simplicity of a common internet browser. There will additionally be an audio tour hosted by Jawara, where as users navigate the virtual exhibition space, they will be able to experience the exhibition as if Jawara was hosting it in person.

The exhibition features photography by the hairstylist’s close collaborators, including photographers Tyler Mitchell, Kristin-Lee Moolman, Nadine Ijewere and Kyle Weeks, among others, as well as unpublished images by Oliver Hadlee Pearch.

Photo by Kyle Weeks
Photo by Nadine Ijewere

Photo by Nadine Ijewere
Photography by Tyler Mitchell

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