‘Do Not Buy A Bomb’



On her 80th Birthday, CIRCA presents a short film by Vivienne Westwood. Available to watch online at 20:21BST on www.circa.art – and screened on the Piccadilly Lights simultaneously, the ten minute film ‘Do Not Buy A Bomb’ created especially by Westwood, depicts the punk icon performing a rewritten rendition of ‘Without You’ from My Fair Lady. Offering a stark warning of societal indifference to the looming environmental catastrophes, a cry against the arms trade and its link to climate change. Westwood ponders an England without people and challenges audiences to ‘Tell the children the truth’. She sings:

‘What a fool I was, what a dominated fool

/ To think that you were the Earth and the sky…’

A special limited-edition print titled ‘Do Not Buy A Bomb’ created especially by Vivienne Westwood in support of the #CIRCAECONOMY is available to buy for £100 (excl.VAT) on the CIRCA website until 8 May 2021

Vivienne Westwood, quote: I have a plan 2 save the World. Capitalism is a war economy + war is the biggest polluter, therefore Stop War + change economy 2 fair distribution of wealth at the same time: NO MANS LAND. Let’s be clear, U + I can’t stop war just like that.  But we can stop arms production + that would halt climate change cc + financial Crash.  Long term this will stop war.

April 8th is my 80th birthday. Please read the Manifesto + Diaries + follow the playing cards 2 find out how life changing the new economy will be.  Read over + again 2 realize how simple + radical the plan is, then U will change your pattern of life + by talking U will support me in the fight.

One day soon U will say the right thing 2 the right person at the right time

make a difference.  Put this in your features + columns, + on social media - as journalists U could become activists. I have always combined fashion with activism: the one helps the other.  Maybe fashion can Stop War.

‘Buy Less Choose Well Make it Last’  

Don’t buy a car

Don’t buy a bomb!

Follow Vivienne on climaterevolution.co.uk.   ‘Get a life!’.

Josef O’Connor, Artistic Director, CIRCA, quote: "Vivienne Westwood has a long history of addressing issues including climate change, civil liberties and nuclear disarmament. Provoking others to think afresh and reflect or consider their own actions, we are honoured to provide a platform to this British icon on the Piccadilly Lights screen and celebrate her 80th Birthday in style.”

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